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Jennette McCurdy Is Finally Able to Grieve

“I feel strongly that anybody who has experienced abuse from a parental figure will know what I’m talking about.”

15 Books About Black Music’s Impact On Pop Culture

This June, check out these reads in honor of Black Music Month.

“Love Radio” is a YA Romance Perfect for Music Lovers

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Author Stephan Lee Is Hoping for K-Pop’s Queer Revolution

The author of K-Pop Revolution on social media, artists he loves, and why fandom is about feeling seen.

I Used a Tarot Card Cookbook to Divine My Meals for a Week

I let my fire burn and cauldron bubble in the name of Texas Toast.

Elliot Page Is Writing a Memoir

“Pageboy” hits shelves next year.

The Lie of “Let People Like Things”

If “Let People Like Things” culture was really for everyone, people would be allowed to participate in criticism of fandom.

On Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling’s Transmisogyny, and What We Owe Each Other

You don’t have to answer for any random person out there, but being aware of what you’re consuming and from whom shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Jessica Jung’s “Shine” Sequel “Bright” Is on the Next Level

“[Rachel] pushes her comfort zone with new ambitions, faces the greatest hardship of her life, and, as always, learns that sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is follow your heart.”

The 11 Best Books of 2021

A complete guide to the must-read books of 2021.