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Nick Jonas Opened Up About a Traumatic Duet With Kelsea Ballerini That Led Him to Therapy

Everyone makes mistakes. But only some of us make them on live TV.

How to Cheer Someone Up: 49 Ways to Make a Friend Smile

Here's exactly how to make someone feel better.

Our Bodies Aren’t Wrong: Author Aubrey Gordon on Weight Stigma and How We Treat Fat Teens

“Our task isn't to make our bodies fit into those systems, but to make those systems recognize our bodies.”

Michigan State Students Are Scared to Go Back to Class So Soon After a Mass Shooting

“I’m scared of knowing how it feels on campus [with] the police tape, the memorials, the flowers.”

5 Mental Health Apps to Help You Be Your Best Self

We all need a little help.

Doja Cat Responds to “Disrespectful” Comments Comparing Her to Britney Spears' Buzzcut Era

The “Woman” singer shaved her head on Instagram Live last summer.

Lucky Girl Syndrome Might Help, But It's Not the Key to Success

Positive thinking can be good, but it won't get you everything you want.

Shedding Your “Almond Mom's” Diet Culture Ideals Isn't Easy, But It's Doable

Social media is calling out almond moms everywhere.

Shadow-Work Journals Are Trending on TikTok

Here's how to start yours.

Was Selena Gomez’ IG Live Moment a Response To Body-Shaming Comments?

“I enjoyed myself during the holidays.”

Billie Eilish Says She Felt Like Her Body Was ‘Gaslighting’ Her for Years

The singer also got real about her passionate campaign to save the planet. 

How to Cope With Survivor's Guilt

Your survival is not a mistake.

Living In Fear: How Gun Violence Affects Our Mental Health

“It makes it really hard to imagine we will grow old.”

How Reading The Secret Garden Helped My Eating Disorder Recovery

“With one word, the protagonist of The Secret Garden showed me a view of weight gain I had never seen represented. Exultant.”

Chloe Kim Stepped Away From Snowboarding So She Could Fall In Love With It Again

“The thought of going back out there…I just didn’t want to do it.”

Talking to Your Younger Self Could Help You Be Kinder to Your Present Self

Experts say a recent TikTok trend could be really helpful.

Exclusive: Watch the Trailer for "My So-Called High School Rank," a Documentary All About High School Stress

The documentary follows the making of the musical "Ranked."

Like Selena Gomez, Accepting My Bipolar Disorder Means Finding New Strength

“When I watched Selena Gomez’s new documentary, My Mind & Me, I recognized myself in her story.”

Trevor Project CEO Amit Paley Removed From Position After Staff Outcry

He was removed on November 2.