39 Funniest School Memes and Tweets
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These Memes and Tweets About School Are Too Relatable

Been there!

We all did this, right?

Teaming up with the kid on the right or left.


OK but it was exciting!

The worst feeling!

No <3

Just act casual!

Could Microsoft Word just chill already??

Anything to hit that word count!!!!

High School Memes

Ahh, high school. It’s a place where you’ll make huge leaps, from the day you start until the day you graduate. Sometimes it’s all fun and games, other times it can seem downright impossible (check out these AP exam memes for proof!). Either way, there are sure to be some fun times in between. These hilarious high school memes capture the mood perfectly.

Online learning comes with its own pitfalls!

But at least at home, it’s a bit more comfortable.

Then again…the work just feels never-ending.

And being on time for in-person classes…well…overrated when there’s a drive-through line involved.

But did they curve the score – that’s the real question!

College really is different! :’)

Who? Me?

Funny School Memes

Let’s face it — school can be downright stressful sometimes.. That's why we turn to funny memes to make it through.

Did someone say group project? Oh no.

When you remember what happened in gym class but maybe not the pythagorean theorem…

Ahh…the good old days of assembly periods!

And was there ever a better feeling than getting to go home early?

I mean, why bother get a salad if you’re not gonna shake it like this??

Even little kids know what’s up!

Teachers must be contractually obligated to do this.

Truly, why are computer labs so cold anyway?

Anyone else’s back still sore from those overstuffed bags??

Is…is this studying?

Well that’s one way to handle stress!

Those photocopies always looked like they’d been through a LOT.

???? indeed!

Teachers with senses of humor though >>>>>>>>>>

Come here often??

Back to School Memes

The back to school meme is totally the king of all school memes. Why? Because it’s a time of year that brings about so many different emotions. Maybe you’ve spent weeks planning the perfect outfit for the first day, or maybe you’ve been busy brushing up on those SAT questions. Or perhaps your MO is to do anything to extend those lazy summer days of sleeping in, hanging out with friends and lounging by the pool. Either way, these back to school memes are sure to make you laugh.

The all-time Sunday Scaries!

Sleeping without an alarm in the summer just hits different.

TFW you’re just “over it.”

No thanks!

Back-to-school season might just haunt you forever, TBH.

And it’ll definitely sneak up on you when you least expect it.

But at the end of the day, this mantra will get you through.

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