Halle Bailey attends the UK Premiere of The Little Mermaid at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on May 15 2023 in London England.
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Halle Bailey’s Twisted Side Ponytail at the Final Little Mermaid Premiere Is a Work of Art — See Photos

Our Ariel blessed us with one last stunning look. 

On May 26, the live-action version of The Little Mermaid premieres, but as of Wednesday, Halle Bailey has finished her press tour. With her last look, she decided to go out with a bang and bless us with the most intricately woven side ponytail.

Our live-action Ariel wore the side ponytail with a stunning embellished baby blue gown for the Australia premiere on May 22. She honestly took me back to elementary school days with this loc ponytail that was piled high on her head. Her go-to hairstylist Tinisha Meeks truly worked her magic. 

It's hard to tell what exactly Meeks did here, but you can see that the locs were twisted and wrapped around themselves in various locations. It also looks as if Meeks formed her locs into several loops that were pinned together at the side of her head. At the top of her gravity-defying ponytail, her hair looked like it was twisted into a tight bun; you can see curly tendrils of hair peeking out from the loops. The loose ends of this ponytail cascaded all the way to her waist. 

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Bailey paired her artful hair with shimmery silver eye makeup that matched her dress (clearly a celebrity trend this week: Sydney Sweeney also had a matchy-matchy moment on Tuesday). Her lids and lower lash line glimmered the metallic shadows that looked blueish from some angles. Darker matte shadows were buffed onto the outer corners of her eyes to add dimension and drama to this eye makeup. A pink blush brightened up the apples of her cheeks, and the makeup on her lips looked like a combination of a brown lip liner and a tan gloss. 

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It's sad that the press tour for The Little Mermaid is officially coming to an end, as we won't be able to admire all of Bailey's stunning looks. But at least we got to marvel at this work of art of a ponytail. 

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