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Harry Styles Was Asked to Name a Fan's Unborn Child at a Concert

Harry Styles concerts are back and nature is healing.

If you've been following him for a while, you'd know anything can happen at a Harry Styles concert. Remember that time he helped a fan come out to her mom? Or when someone threw a chicken nugget at the stage? Well, now adding to the list, we have "Harry Styles naming someone's unborn baby at a concert."

As you might or might not know yet, Harry Styles is back on the road in Europe with the 2023 leg of his Love on Tour tour, and the concert hijinks are back in full swing. During one of his most recent stops at Coventry in the UK, as it's customary now, Styles took the time to interact with the crowd and read a couple of signs from fans. One, in particular, had a very peculiar request for the former One Direction member: Naming their unborn child.

"Baby due today! Name it? Please," the handmade sign read, per a video shared on TikTok. Before we move on, let's appreciate the dedication of going to a Harry Styles concert on your literal due date. Done? Okay, then, let's carry on. 

After the sign caught Styles' attention, the fan proceeded to provide a bit more context to help the superstar with the name-picking. "My cat is called Zayn and my dog's called Louis, so I can't use Harry," the fan can be heard saying in the video. (We think someone had a Directioner past that they are trying to keep at bay now!)

After hearing the stipulations, Styles proceeded to ask the mom-to-be if they had any ideas for a potential name. "None." With a clean slate, Styles opened the floor for suggestions. "We've got a Jimmy," he said. "Would you like Tate to name your child?" he shadily added.

After a bit of back and forth, a light bulb went off in the British star's head. "What about…Harry?" he cockily proclaimed, running away to the main stage. "It couldn't get any better if you tried!" Mmm, great suggestion, only if it weren't the only name barred from the get-go.

Whether the fan takes Styles's suggestion or not remains to be seen, but there's one thing we know for sure: with Love on Tour back on the road, we can safely expect more unhinged fan interactions all summer long. And for that, we are thankful.

If you want to see it all for yourself, you can watch Harry Styles name a fan's unborn child below:

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