Megan Thee Stallion Revealed Which "Vampire Diaries" Character Is Her Favorite

She stopped watching after they left the show.

If you tuned into The Vampire Diaries during its eight-season run, one of the questions you probably were asked is, “Team Damon or Team Stefan?” For Megan Thee Stallion, it’s Team Elena.

On July 21, the certified hot girl took to Twitter to go on a tangent about TVD – as one does on a normal Wednesday. “Once I figured out Elena wasn’t coming back on Vampire Diaries I stopped watching bc wtf,” Megan tweeted out of nowhere about Nina Dobrev’s character. (Despite being one of the lead characters, Nina left the series in 2015, during its sixth season, and later only made archive cameos before coming back for the finale. Meg might have not watched but the show aired for two more seasons on the network, finally wrapping up for good in 2017.)

Meg’s unannounced tweet quickly revived the conversation around The Vampire Diaries and we learned a lot about her character preference, which might not be to everyone's taste. When a fan replied saying she was Team Bonnie (referring to Kat Graham’s character, Meg simply added, “That’s definitely my b*tch but d*mn she can’t have her bestie back.”

The rapper also picked her favorite Salvatore brother (Damon) and came out as an official Caroline anti. When someone told her they kept watching for Bonnie, Meg simply added, “They stayed killing her my anxiety couldn’t handle anymore [sic] episodes.” (ICYMI, before making it to the finale Bonnie was killed and resurrected twice.)

Megan also noted that another vampire show, True Blood, “might be my favorite show,” saying she has “watched every season like 10 times."

As expected, many people came to drag Meg for liking Elena, to which she said “Tuh.” “Think abt this… if there was no Elena everyone would be bored and stagnant my b*tch was making people change for the better her whole time on the show,” Meg wrote in her pro-Elena discourse, which she promptly followed by retweeting a fan-made Elena edit that you can watch below. Loud and clear. 

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