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The Little Mermaid Adds NewJeans' Danielle as Ariel for Korean Dubbing

Watch her version of “Part of Your World,” titled “저곳으로” in Korean, here.

NewJeans member Danielle has an exciting gig and it involves the upcoming live-action The Little Mermaid. The Korean Australian singer has been tapped as the voice of Halle Bailey's Ariel for the Korean dubbing of the upcoming film.

Danielle, whose full name is Danielle Marsh, was teased to be part of the Korean dubbing cast of the live-action adaption of The Little Mermaid on May 2 when a cryptic poster was unveiled by Disney Korea on Instagram. In the poster, actors Jung Sanghoon and Jung Youngjoo are revealed as the Korean voice actors for Sebastian and Ursula, respectively. In the middle, a white silhouette teased the leading role. "South Korea's Ariel [is]..." the poster reads, encouraging fans to make their guesses in order to win The Little Mermaid merch items in the next slide.

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At the time, the post did not confirm Danielle as Ariel's Korean voice, but fans quickly put two and two together. Though Halle Bailey's actual voice was used in both the teaser and main trailers posted on Disney Korea's YouTube channel (which features Korean subbing instead of dubbing), fans found a snippet of the dubbed teaser trailer online, which they believed was definitive proof that the NewJeans member is the person behind the silhouette.

In the snippet in question, Danielle's voice could be heard singing the Korean version of the iconic track "Part of Your World." The short clip, which amassed millions of views on Twitter in just hours, also featured a short speaking scene between Ariel and Javier Bardem's Triton, also dubbed by Danielle. The video was originally posted to YouTube but has since been removed due to a copyright claim by Disney Korea. Danielle was finally confirmed as the Korean voice of Ariel on May 12.

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Since news started circulating on Twitter, fans have taken to the hashtag #DANIELLExARIEL to show their love and support for the "Ditto" singer, with many highlighting the fact that she has been a fan of musical theater for a while. The Little Mermaid's theatrical premiere is slated for May 26, 2023. Though the Korean dub will likely only be initially available on South Korean soil, it will eventually make its way to Disney+ worldwide — so patience is key if you want to hear NewJeans' Danielle as Ariel. 

In the meantime, you can watch Danielle's take on “Part of Your World” (titled “저곳으로” in Korean) below:

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