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Sasha Pieterse

A New Cast of Pretty Little Liars, a New View of Teen Girlhood

Meet the five young actresses bringing HBO Max’s spinoff “Original Sin” to bloody, suspenseful life.

Sasha Pieterse Welcomed Her First Child With Husband Hudson Sheaffer

Introducing Hendrix Wade Sheaffer.

"Pretty Little Liars" Star Sasha Pieterse Is Pregnant

She and husband Hudson Sheaffer are expecting their first child.

Sasha Pieterse Created the Best Emison Ending After Perfectionists

The show won't return for a second season.

"The Perfectionists" Smashes the Dollhouse and Gives Its Leading Women Back Their Power

Caitlin, Ava, Mona, and Ali are more than just dolls to be played with.

Sasha Pieterse on Why The Perfectionists Need Alison's Help

“Ali has a lot to offer these students, which ends up being way more than she's prepared for.”

The Perfectionists Premiere Party Looked Like an IRL PLL Episode

So much shhh, so little time.

The Perfectionists Stars Are Even Keeping Secrets from Each Other About the Murder Mystery

But they still have a group text where they discuss possible theories.

These Pretty Little Birthday Wishes for Sasha Pieterse Are Too Precious

"I’m thrilled we are continuing this journey together."

The Perfectionists Has Started Filming and I'm So Ready

Welcome to Beacon Heights.

Lucy Hale Would Totally Do a PLL Reunion on The Perfectionists

Hear that, I. Marlene King?

Sasha Pieterse Just Got Married In a Dreamy Irish Castle

A real-life fairytale.