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Kara Nesvig

The Best TikToks of 2022, According to TikTok

Are your fyfaves on the list?

Halsey Looks Like a New Person With Long Orange Hair & Bangs

It's a total transformation.

BLACKPINK's Rosé Debuted New Two-Tone Hair

It's just the right amount of Y2K.

Camila Cabello Just Got a Honey Blonde Wolf Cut

And it’s taking us back to the ’00s.

Dua Lipa Hit the Red Carpet in Sneakers

She ditched the heels for a pair of Pumas.

Get Ready with Emma Myers for the “Wednesday” Premiere

And get this, it's already the hottest show on Netflix.

Millie Bobby Brown Just Took Crop Tops to the Next Level

Is your crop top even a crop top if it doesn’t show your bikini?

Kourtney Kardashian Says She “Often Smells” Son Reign’s Cut-Off Braid

She has had it saved in a drawer for two years.

North West Gave Kim Kardashian a “Grinch” Makeover

Just in time for the holidays!

Dua Lipa’s Personalized Thong Is the Energy I’m Bringing Into 2023

May we all get a chance to rep ourselves with our underwear.

Louis Tomlinson Admits He Was “Bothered” by Harry Styles’s Success

"It took me a while to work out where I stand.”

Kim Kardashian Was Denied Marilyn’s Dress, Until Kris Jenner Stepped In

As usual, the momager pulled some strings.

Edas and Warby Parker Teamed Up to Make Your New Favorite Bag

It's the perfect shape for your glasses, obviously.

TikTok Is Bringing Back This Controversial 2000s Foundation

The secret to making it work was at our fingertips this whole time.